Planning a Trip to Massachusetts

There are thousands of tourist attractions on offer when planning a holiday in Massachusetts. Different categories are showcased to suit everybody who visits Massachusetts such as the following:
• Arts – Art museums, Music, Dance, Film Festivals, Open Studios, Cultural Districts, Galleries
Visit Massachusetts for inspiring arts, crafts, music groups, concerts, orchestras and ballets. A rich heritage of art and creative artists entertains daytime and night time, in Boston on the Cha orles’ River banks. Boston Harbour showcases some of the world’s biggest shows and in Lincoln at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park visitors are dazzled by art and music.
• Sports & Outdoor Activities – Biking, beaches, camping, golf, boat charters, skiing, parks & forests, whale watching, water sports
A holiday in Massachusetts is not complete without kayaking along the Ipswich River or a bike ride along mountain roads. With twelve mountains to choose from, you can enjoy a skiing holiday.
• Sightseeing and Tours – Sightseeing, tours, wineries, breweries, factory tours, historic ports
An incredible diverse sightseeing experience from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard, from Cape Cod to Berkshire, you will find an exciting and interesting activity
• Heritage and history – Heritage trails, museums, lighthouses, cultural districts, national parks, tours
Museum of Natural History, Iconic buildings, memorials, museums and landscapes that are breath-taking and rich are the first impression you will get when you visit Massachusetts
• Nature and Science – Fall foliage, Zoo’s and aquariums, cultural districts, scenic wonders, nature centres, gardens and arboretums
Scenic wonders throughout the state of Massachusetts from fall foliage to flowers created in glass. The real thing to be seen is in Boston at the Arnold Arboretum and glass flowers in Cambridge at Harvard
• Shopping
Shopaholics will love their holiday in Massachusetts especially the word famous market in Boston, Faneuil Hall Marketplace. At the Harvard Square in Cambridge is the Curious George Store. Charming antique stores are found in Essex and hundreds more unique stores.